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The word FREE also indicates the possibility of something being Fishy.. And LANCE Armstrong has probably set the biggest example of Cheating in History..

Now imagine, a FREELANCER is made-up of both these words..

The higher the number of people betting on your failure, the higher are your chances of success..

Because the cosmic will only think of you as being somebody important..

Have you noticed a Cockroach lying on the floor upside-down ??

Notice that its constantly moving its Hands and Feet..
Notice that its desperately trying to get back on Track..
Notice that its brimming with Energy..

It isn’t Handicapped..
It isn’t Wrong..
It isn’t Disillusioned..

It just needs a little Push..

You can,
Love ‘em or Hate ‘em..
Praise ‘em or Criticize ‘em..
Hug ‘em or Tap ‘em..
Agree with ‘em or Fight with ‘em..
Laugh with ‘em or Cry with ‘em..

But about the only thing you cannot do is,
Live without ‘em..

They are the WOMEN for you..
So Cherish ‘em..
Not only on a particular date,
But on every moment, every single day..

PEOPLE are my Strength..
EXCELLENCE is my Weakness..
WORLD is my Opportunity..
PESSIMISM is my Threat..

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