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You may personally mature to the idea of what doesn’t qualify as Shareable..
But the same doesn’t necessarily apply for your Brand..

“ There is only 1 reason required for success, and 100 reasons why the very same thing won't work.. But the good news is, that the 1 reason is your own WILL.. ”

- V2K -
Handwriting, establishes a person’s individual style.. But online, one only has Punctuations to reflect their personality.. So Punctuate!!

“ There is a fine difference between Order and Perfection.. Order can live without Perfection, but never the other way round.. ”

- V2K -

Woh shaks hee kya,
jis mein kisi cheez ki Zidd na ho..

Apna ek mukaam haasil karne ka,
jis mein Junoon na ho..

Koi badlaav laane ki,
jis mein Arzoo na ho..

Apnon ke liye mitt jaane ka,
jis mein Jazba na ho..

Woh shaks hee kya,
jis mein kisi cheez ki Zidd na ho..

“ Never ask an Artist, when they are going to finish the Painting.. Its a Crime.. ”

- V2K -
While designing an Interface, make it look Predictable.. The User should be able to Visualize the outcome, even before it happens..

“ You cannot reach on Cloud 9, unless you have sustained Rains of SHIT, through the 8 before.. ”

- V2K -
While conceiving a product idea, ask yourself, am I building a Vitamin or an Aspirin.. My suggestion, think Life Saving..

So People, what’s the point in again and again posting the same quotes from Shakespeare to Mark Twain to Roosevelt and their likes..

Why not seize the moment, and write something of your own..

It might sound stupid at worst, but will be worth your time..

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