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An old-timer is not the one who is old, and whose time has gone.. But it’s a person who has gotten old, braving the test of time..

Respect your old-timers..

A Beer without its beer-head is like a King without his crown..
So treat beer with its due respect, and drink it with its head on..

“ If you want to experience heaven, have a drink.. But if you want to meet god, fall in love.. ”

- V2K -

Yeh toh chaandni ka shaffaq husn hai,
Jo dekh, chaand sharmaakar chhup jata hai..
Warna baadalon mein kahaan dum tha..

Yeh toh maashuq ke maathe ki shikan hai,
Jo dekh, premi ke kadam rukk jate hai,
Warna zamaane mein kahaan dum tha..

Yeh toh shaayar ka aashiqana dil hai,
Jo dekh, shayari bhi janam leti hai,
Warna sharaab mein kahaan dum tha..

“ Take the path that is difficult and less traveled, not out of choice, but as a habit.. And life will serve itself to you, on a platter.. ”

- V2K -

“ If you can visualize the exhilaration of crossing the finish line, even before starting, the race is then merely a formality.. ”

- V2K -

Kitna haseen, kitna suhaana,
Woh daur, woh zamaana tha..

Jab teri gali ka woh chauraaha,
Mera thikana hua karta tha..

Jab teri uss maasum jhalak ka,
Main bebaak deewaana hua karta tha..

Jab teri paayal ki khann khann ka,
Mere dil ki taaron ko intezaar hua karta tha..

Jab tere zulfon ki chaaon ka,
Mere jismo jaan se naata hua karta tha..

Jab tu thi shamaa,
Aur main tera parwaana hua karta tha..

Kitna haseen, kitna suhaana,
Woh daur, woh zamaana tha..

Facebook should introduce a rating system for updates.. Starting from G, it should modify to PG13 & NC17, based on the flow of comments..

In Godfather, Vito Corleone sees a pain-point in society, leverages the opportunity, and weaves a concrete revenue model, around his highly cultural business..

Movie or Entrepreneurial case-study??

Our God, is what our mind makes it to be.. So this Diwali, if Goddess Lakshmi is what you seek, promise Determination to your mind..
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