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“ A startup founder should be a router of knowledge, motivation and experience, in which employees can plug-in to enrich themselves.. ”

- V2K -

“ Do yourself a favor, and just be yourself.. Life is worth much more, to try and be like someone else.. ”

- V2K -

“ For as long as time shall live, humans will keep touching newer heights of creativity.. All you've got to build, is the means for them to express it.. ”

- V2K -

Never hesitate to speak your mind, even if it sometimes turns out to be bullshit..

Because if you become a legend, none of it will be remembered.. And if you don’t, no one will care a bull’s ass about it anyway..

A movie is like a roller coaster ride.. It will take you through its highs and lows..

If it leaves you dry at the end of the ride, it would fail as a movie..

But if you stay off-guard throughout, and just remain a spectator, you have no right to criticize it..

“ A life without purpose is like a never ending joy ride.. The joy fades away after a while, and the ride just won't stop.. ”

- V2K -
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