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Think of your social timelines as books.. Too much text and very few pictures will make them boring.. A ratio of 1:6 should be just fine..
Running a startup is like pushing an elephant (product) up north (success), from south (hell), while braving easterly (expectation) and westerly (criticism) winds..
Every Monday morning, take a deep breath, adjust your monocular, set focus on a new milestone for the week, and leap towards your greater goal..
I hate pranks that the prankee would not appreciate.. In other words, play the pranks, that you wouldn’t mind getting played back with..

Never hesitate to speak your mind, even if it sometimes turns out to be bullshit..

Because if you become a legend, none of it will be remembered.. And if you don’t, no one will care a bull’s ass about it anyway..

A movie is like a roller coaster ride.. It will take you through its highs and lows..

If it leaves you dry at the end of the ride, it would fail as a movie..

But if you stay off-guard throughout, and just remain a spectator, you have no right to criticize it..

Build a product, for which investors would queue your office, then sit down to write you a business plan, and fund you overnight, just to save your servers from crashing..

It is the weekdays that pay the bills of the weekends.. So stop grumbling, and get back to work..

The world will always keep throwing the resistance of their flaws at you..

Be an Arrow, and learn to pierce through, no matter the bruises caused to others..

After all, it is in the nature of an arrow to focus on the cut, and care less..

As an Entrepreneur, I have come to believe that you constantly need to assess, exactly what will arouse the curiosity of a user, and what will tick him to reach out for his wallet..
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