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My take-away from TheRodinhoods Open House held on 6th July 2012

My take-away from TheRodinhoods Open House held on 6th July 2012

The Open House on the 6th of July was truly BIG-BIG.. It had a Big Auditorium, Big Momentum, Big on Ideas, Big on Energy, Big on Entrepreneurial Values & off-course Big in terms of the number of Attendees..

It kicked off with Alok introducing our Candle-Stick Rodinhooder, Milan Bavishi who told us about his portal, which is into providing Daily Stock & Investment Tips based on the Japanese Candle Stick method of analyzing Stock Market Movements, all for Free..

It was followed by Alok telling us about a Chinese Man who stood in front of an Army Tank, in protest, at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.. I can’t remember the exact context in which he had used this example.. But here is the link to its video – Tank Man at Tiananmen Square (June 5, 1989)..

To give you the gist of how BIG this Open House really was, there was this guy named Vasudevan Uppili from Haritham Technologies, who had flown down all the way from Coimbatore to attend the Open House Mixer.. His main contention was that Alok’s Blog Posts on kept throwing him out of his comfort zone.. I got an opportunity to travel with him post the event, and would like to quote his words, when he told me that “I kept wondering that how can a Man (Alok) sitting 700 miles away, have such an impact on my thinking.. So I told to myself, I have to meet him..”

Next to speak was Vishakha Singh from A Comms, who told us about her endeavors in adopting a Girl Child and how she overcame the resistance from her Family and how the Entrepreneur in her kept it going.. It was a story that spoke volumes about how much Grit & Determination a Woman can have..

Apart from this, there were several people who stood at their places and shared some pieces of their Life and what they do..

This included One Guy who deals in Portable Wireless Routers which cost around INR 5000 but he offered a special Rodinhoods Discounted price of INR 3499..

Then there was this Lady who used to work for Ernst & Young and had left her CUSHY Job to pursue something on her own and how she had suddenly changed from being SOME-ONE to NO-ONE, as in a Job you get recognized by your Employer.. She gave us one of the best lines of the event, “Entrepreneurship is a Ego-Crusher..” :)

Then there was this Guy who works with Ogilvy & Mather and is a wannabe Entrepreneur.. He shared with us that he had once got an opportunity to visit Cannes for one of his award winning Campaign.. He also told us that he often gets this “Just wanna run away from my Job and be out in the Open” feeling.. He is bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug.. ;)

Then there was Akash Sachdev, who told us about his website that sells Laptop Skins online.. He had a very interesting story to tell.. He shared with us that his initial mindset while starting-up was that he wanted to do what he loved, to be Creative & Design Awesome Laptop Skins and offer them at the Best & Lowest prices.. But after a few months he started facing issues like Accounting, Logistics, Handling Returned Goods charges etc., which he had not envisioned and he was like “I didn’t get into it to do this..” :)) Then he gave us one more of the best lines of the event, “Don’t romance the Idea, get up and do something about it. Get realistic, Face the Challenge!!”

Well, this is all I can remember, but there were more such amazing inspirational & motivational stories.. Drop-in to the next Open House to experience it in person.. Cheers!!

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