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As an Entrepreneur, I have come to believe that you constantly need to assess, exactly what will arouse the curiosity of a user, and what will tick him to reach out for his wallet..

Do you know what separates a great Entrepreneur from a good one?? It is not Jugaad, or Hacks, or Contacts.. But plain old HONESTY!!

While the World,

– has problems, I have solutions..

– has a routine, I am still clueless of what that means..

– works from 9 to 5, I can be found searching something on my laptop at 3am, probably because something struck me during my midnight loo break..

– looks for room to breathe, I don’t enjoy doing something that’s doesn’t involve a squeeze..

– waits for their paychecks, I wait for that customer review..

– is enjoying the weekend, and I am waiting for monday morning..

I am an En-tre-pre-ne-ur (Yes, I make ends meet too)

“ Entrepreneurs are born with eardrums, that cannot register a NO.. ”

- V2K -
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