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“ One thing that is good about getting fucked, as a startup, is that you no longer remain a soft target, and cannot be taken for a ride.. ”

- V2K -

“ There's a fine line between decisions and judgements.. You may be a good judge, but may or may not take the right decision for yourself.. ”

- V2K -
Human evolution : The worst infiltrate the bad, and bad infiltrate the good, and then everything is bad.. The only good left, is relative..

“ If your day isn't going good, then do so much work, that the day is forced to change its course and make way for you.. ”

- V2K -

Do you know what separates a great Entrepreneur from a good one?? It is not Jugaad, or Hacks, or Contacts.. But plain old HONESTY!!

For your venture idea, comments like ‘sounds good’ and ‘nice’ are more dangerous than ‘what got into you’ and ‘wtf’.. Strange but true..

“ There never is a bad student, always a bad teacher.. So learn from good, and teach good.. ”

- V2K -
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