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“ Do yourself a favor, and just be yourself.. Life is worth much more, to try and be like someone else.. ”

- V2K -

“ A life without purpose is like a never ending joy ride.. The joy fades away after a while, and the ride just won't stop.. ”

- V2K -

“ Giving comfort to your parents at any cost, is the best karma that you can ever earn in life.. Period!! ”

- V2K -

“ Take the path that is difficult and less traveled, not out of choice, but as a habit.. And life will serve itself to you, on a platter.. ”

- V2K -

“ Life is a roller-coaster.. There's no fun in always being Up, or always being Down.. So shake it, stir it, and enjoy the grind.. Cheers!! ”

- V2K -
No matter how inspiring your statements may be, they will count for nothing, when you are a nobody..
But just about anything said by a prominent figure, is converted into a Quote.. Such is the Parody of Life..

“ Make Pain your comfort zone, and life shall become a cake-walk.. ”

- V2K -

No matter how fast you would wish to endure through a poisonous drink in life, sometimes the only option available is to consume it slowly..

So why not enjoy every sip..

“ Knowledge is like sugar.. It sweetens the deal called life.. ”

- V2K -

Learn the lessons that life wants to teach you..

And not the one’s that you want to learn..

Then you will become a University in yourself..

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