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“ Some people work to live, some live to work.. Then some people play to live, some live to play.. Life is worth it, when you live+work+play.. ”

- V2K -

Don’t live by the clock,
Live by your vision..

Don’t sleep for resting,
Sleep for dreaming..

Don’t speak to communicate,
Speak to invigorate..

Don’t act because you have to,
Act only if you mean to..

Don’t just exist,
But Illuminate..

You can,
Love ‘em or Hate ‘em..
Praise ‘em or Criticize ‘em..
Hug ‘em or Tap ‘em..
Agree with ‘em or Fight with ‘em..
Laugh with ‘em or Cry with ‘em..

But about the only thing you cannot do is,
Live without ‘em..

They are the WOMEN for you..
So Cherish ‘em..
Not only on a particular date,
But on every moment, every single day..

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